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Published: Aug 01, 2019

The Value of Sound Systems for Churches and Houses of Worship

Imagine walking into a place of worship with a weak audio system. Picture this – the sound coming through the speakers is accompanied by a humming noise and the microphones are cutting in and out. Would you be able to focus on the service? Would you even be able to understand the words spoken by the clergy?

Having a quality audio-visual system is a critical technical component to churches and houses of worship. Sound and video systems can improve the congregation’s experience and engagement, allow for a more effective means of communication and provide the opportunity for members to hear the service in its entirety – even for those who are not physically present.

Importance of House of Worship Sound Systems within Churches 

Communication is key in all religious institutions. It is vital for the congregation to not only hear words spoken by the clergy but to also understand the messages that are being conveyed. Having a professional sound system can allow for the congregation to become more engaged and focused, while also helping the service run smoothly for the congregation and the choir.

At CSAV Systems, we can provide the right microphones, lavaliers, speakers, receivers and digital mixers and assistive hearing solutions for churches and houses of worship in NJ, NYC, CT, and PA.

Digital Sound Boards in Churches

From the live singers to sermons being preached, to the videos that are projected – it is imperative that the soundboard controls are working correctly so that the service runs seamlessly.

Creating custom settings and sound presets for church services can save your clergy and choir members so much time and eliminate frustrations of getting the church audio system to the right settings. Creating custom settings on a digital mixer will allow you to set and store different A/V scenarios and with a touch of a button, all your settings come back to where you need them. As if that isn’t simple enough, the new digital consoles, otherwise known as control surfaces, can be controlled via an iPad, Droid or other tablets (including smartphones).

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Assistive Hearing Systems in Churches

At CSAV Systems, we can design and install induction loop systems, which are the more popular form of an assistive hearing system.  The hearing loop allows individuals to hear the messages throughout the service loud and clear.  With the amplifier, microphone and a thin loop wire – induction loops systems eliminate hearing barriers for members who have assistive hearing devices.


Spread the Word through Live Streaming

We get it… sometimes life happens, and members of your church can’t physically attend service. Having live streaming set-up at your church can allow members to feel as though they are truly present. Live streaming can help keep all members of your religious institution feel connected and part of the church community. It can even increase the engagement of your current or new members.

For churches with overflow rooms, streaming the live service and offering a two-way microphone system is an effective solution for communicating messages in multiple settings. In doing this, members of the congregation feel fully present in the service, even though they are physically in another location of the building.

Contact CSAV Systems: Audio/Visual Upgrades for your Church or House of Worship

Our team at CSAV Systems can ensure that your church or house of worship has the right audio solutions. We work with hundreds of churches and houses of worship in NJ, NYC, CT, PA. We understand the importance of having the best audio/visual system to communicate messages. We can custom design, install and service you church sound systems and video systems to make it the best for your clergy and congregation.

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