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Published: Feb 11, 2022

Why Your Restaurant or Bar Needs Professional Audio-Visual Equipment

It is common that restaurant/bar AV are an afterthought, but it is never too late to install a system. Oftentimes budget-conscious owners choose to self-install home-grade technology. Over time, they learn that cutting corners with low-cost AV equipment can lead to undependable and inefficient performance. Maybe your establishment isn’t looking to install an extravagant AV system, but a professionally installed sound system is needed, at a minimum.  It is important your establishment has commercial-grade technology because it will deliver high-quality sound performance while lasting for many years. 

AV Life Span

Professional sound equipment is built to last. Your establishment Is probably open more hours than it’s not; meaning your technology is in use most of the time. Your AV equipment is essentially in use for roughly 10-12 hours a day, at-home sound systems are simply not built for long-lasting daily use. AV systems for restaurants are designed to withstand operation 12-16 hours per day and come with warranties and support to protect your purchase for prolonged periods. 

Aesthetics & Sound Coverage

Installing commercial-grade equipment gives your space room for customization, allowing for technology to be hidden but still effective. For example, let’s say you want a sound system in your establishment but can only find speakers that don’t match the look of your restaurant; having a professional build you a custom system eliminates the chance of spoiling your aesthetic. Of course, you can buy a system and put it in a hidden location but positioning a sound system where it looks good or is out of the way doesn’t consider whether it provides adequate coverage. Better sound coverage throughout customer areas is a priority, ensuring that ambient music can be heard throughout the listening area without the need to excessively crank up the speakers.

Digital Menu Boards

A digital menu board allows you to present your food to your customers through eye-catching photos or videos. Business owners are adopting digital menu boards in their restaurants and sports bars more and more every day. You can schedule your menu boards to change throughout the day and update daily specials, products, or promotions as often as you like. Digital signage has become the new standard of communication for businesses.  

There’s a common misconception that all TV’s, speakers, and digital signage are the same, however, there are significant differences between equipment made for home and commercial use. Installing professional AV equipment will benefit your restaurant or bar because it will deliver at a high-quality performance level while also lasting for many more years, warranty included. It is essential to have a system that includes the right type of speakers and display screens for the room and is focused directly on the right areas. To read more about how CSAV Systems can upgrade your restaurant, visit our case study on Faubourg Restaurant and Bar.  It is our pleasure to ensure your restaurant has the highest quality systems in place. The right audiovisual system can help create the right atmosphere for an event, provide important information for your guests, and improve their overall experience.

CSAV Systems has grown to be a leader in the professional sound, video, and teleconferencing industry providing A/V solutions in New York, New Jersey, and other states. CSAV Systems offers clients excellent service, quality equipment, expert workmanship, and the long-term support they deserve. Call us at 732-577-0077 or send us an email at [email protected] for more information and to make an appointment for a Free Systems Analysis.

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