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Published: Jan 24, 2024

2023 Houses of Worship AV Recap

The overall theme of 2023 AV technology was simplicity and streaming in the “house of worship” world. Churches and Temples want reliable audio visual solutions that transform their facility. They want to be able to count on their AV solutions day in and day out. Unique features are a bonus, but ultimately, something user-friendly and minimalistic tends to be what houses of worship are searching for when it comes to investing in AV solutions. CSAV Systems, an audiovisual installation company, serviced many houses of worship in 2023by enhancing their sound and visuals for worship, along with a tremendous amount of live streaming integration.


Some AV trends CSAV has witnessed for houses of worship in 2023…

Zoom is not a reliable solution for any house of worship. We don’t recommend this conferencing platform in a sanctuary, for there are better-fitting solutions out there. Agnostic video conferencing with quality cameras will transform your videoconferencing in your house of worship. At CSAV Systems, we can custom design your dream video conferencing setup.


The use of NDi cameras has skyrocketed in the house of worship market. These cameras contain the ability to start and stop your stream from anywhere in the world (via app).  PtzOptics, one of of top PTZ camera manufacturers, even now has auto tracking on their MOVE line of cameras. This game-changing feature automatically follows movement and detects the speaker instantly. PtzOptics has also introduced the new Super Joystick and it pairs great with their NDi and Sdi cameras. CSAV only installs gear that we test and feel good about. For your house of worship, we recommend a quality switcher with these cameras. This is the brain behind the system, and you want a reliable robust unit, not a cheap off-brand special.


LED video walls have never been more affordable. For customers looking for screens larger than 10 feet, this is a viable option now. Video walls provide a vibrant and creative outlet for any facility to market itself to guests. Houses of worship can benefit from a video wall or other monitors, using it as a way of providing service information or displaying high-quality scenic content such as photos or videos.


If your house of worship prefers a simpler route, we have recommendations for that as well. The Pearl mini offers one-touch streaming through a color LCD screen. Some AV enthusiasts are even calling it “the Ferrari of streaming world.” This AV device is a mini video production system that lets you switch, record, and stream up to two HD video inputs. It is easy to use, reliable, and represents the future of AV technology.



ATEM Extreme Iso is gaining in popularity as younger teenagers and millennials take to social media and “post-edit” clips for various platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. This device is a switcher and streamer that will take the quality of your streams to the next level. We recommend implementing this device for any service that uses more than one camera. Content creators and churches have more in common than you think!


Pastors are asking for “pulpit control” or something with similar features.We can put volume/power knobs at the lectern to control your entire system. These controls are responsible for setting the volume level of the sound system, as well as adjusting the height of the pulpit in the chapel.


Bright sign digital signage has become our preferred signage system when houses of worship want to provide a seamless option to display interactive media. Digital signage is economical and easy to use. Get your message seen and send your stream anywhere you want. Our team is now even wiring up screens for “overflow.”  These screens simultaneously function as both digital billboards and a way for overflow to see the sermon.


CSAV Systems has been there for 2023 and years prior for houses of worship AV solutions. We install, integrate, and diagnose audiovisual solutions for all worship facilities. Our team will be there for any questions or concerns you may have through the process. Our team of electricians, technicians, and sales will support you every part of the way. We even have a 3 Year Warranty plan because of how much we believe in what we do. Contact us at 732-577-0077 or click here for a free systems analysis.


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