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Published: Apr 15, 2024

8 Benefits of Digital Signage: More Than Just a Pretty Display

The days of taping up flyers, signs, and advertisements onto chipped, dull-colored walls are officially over. Aesthetically modernize your ways of spreading information by investing in digital signage for your facility.

What is digital signage? Digital signage is more than just a pretty display. This multi-use platform offers businesses and other facilities opportunities such as way-finding, creative advertising, efficient company communication, and entertainment.

The possibilities of using digital signage to your company’s advantage are endless. Many describe these user-friendly and reliable monitors as “bulletin board meets computer.” It allows you to effortlessly create content for all to see.

So, how does it work? Digital signage is divided into three parts: the display, the media player, and the content management systems (CMS). 

The Display

The digital signage system’s display is a vast monitor that looks like a T.V.; you can’t miss it. It also displays high-quality graphics for all viewing purposes. The display can be integrated into a wall, hanging from a ceiling, or in a different custom-designed way—it is entirely up to you!

The Media Player

The media player is a compact computer that sends the content to your display. Think of it like your brain telling your body to move. The media player tells the display what to show. Some media players are OneLan, Mvix, AOpen, and more.

We recommend discussing your digital signage goal with an AV consultant to determine which media player best suits your needs. Among many other brands, CSAV Systems and clients tend to use two popular media player brands: BrightSign and Samsung VXT.

These media players have been described as very user-friendly. 


CMS is software that stores everything. This is where one would create, upload, and schedule content.

Using a CMS should be very intuitive; it should be easy to adjust and change your content whenever you please.

Multiple contributors can upload from their devices. The content you choose to upload can range from videos to photos, polls, surveys, and so much more. 

Anytime, Anyplace, Same Result

Digital signage can be used in almost any facility, both indoors and outdoors. From a small retail store to a large corporate headquarters, digital signage will significantly impact anywhere you place it.

It is a versatile and creative way to capture anyone’s attention immediately. Think of it this way: pretend you are walking along the street, searching for a new place to eat. What’s more likely to grab your attention: a flimsy flyer that reads “Come visit our restaurant” or a monitor displaying mouthwatering, high-quality images of their daily lunch specials on a loop?

The content displayed can also be in real-time; widgets such as the temperature of the weather outside or the time can be great additions for a corporate office.

No matter what your facility does, using digital signage will get the memo out. It’s more than a pretty display; it is a new and innovative communication method. 

The Benefits of Digital Signage

-Immediately capture the attention of the audience      

-Customize content with the click of a button

-Display dynamic content

-Creatively/quickly communicate

-Build engagement

-Cost-effective in reaching a larger audience

-Real-time presentations

-Immerse clients in your brand


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Our team offers a 3-year warranty as well, so you will see us long after the installation has been completed. Let us do our job so that your job is more manageable. If you want digital signage, projectorsvideo walls, or any other AV solutions, call us at 732-577-0077 or click here to get started on a free systems analysis. 


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