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Published: Apr 21, 2024

Looking to Create a More Productive Video Conferencing Experience? 5 Things You Need to Know

Looking to create a more productive video conferencing experience? Lights, camera, action! Video conferencing is a skill that many people should take more seriously. Just because a meeting is online does not mean you should wing it. A virtual meeting does not make it any less important.

Certain best practices for attendees and hosts should be followed before and during any video conference. Holding meetings on Zoom, Team, Google Meet, or any other online platform will not go away anytime soon. It is crucial to learn these five tips for a more professional and productive video conferencing experience for all. 

5 Things You Need to Know For Creating a More Productive Video Conferencing Experience

Integrating a Conference Booking System 

Have you ever joined a meeting on the entirely wrong platform? Organizing an online conference booking system for your office will prevent that. An online conference booking system that lays out which meetings are on which platform could be highly beneficial.

This will ensure that there is no miscommunication and will keep everyone on track. An online conference booking system will also help to navigate team members’ hectic schedules. Integrating this system will keep a productive meeting even before the meeting has begun! 

The Importance of Lighting 

Before joining a video call, set your computer up before a window. Natural lighting can provide a soft and complementary look on the camera. Consider investing in a ring light if no windows are near your space. A ring light offers more control and will usually have a few different settings to play around with.

Whether you opt for natural or ring light, make sure the light is always in front of you. Being in a well-lit area during your call will eliminate distractions from shadows, allowing for a more productive video call. 

Sound Check

Lagging audio does not necessarily give the best impression for an important meeting. A common misconception is that you cannot control your audio.

AV solutions such as microphonessound masking, and speakers will improve the quality of the call. Tip: If your audio is constantly delayed or lagging, ensure the video conferencing platform you use is updated. 

Understanding Quality Camera 

Joining on a device with a good-quality camera is important. After all, it is a video conference. Think it doesn’t affect you? Think again. Studies have shown that high-definition camera quality in a meeting conveys professionalism, credibility, and even competence.

A grainy or pixelated camera gives the impression of carelessness. Camera quality is essential for video calls because it can add a more aesthetically pleasing experience while creating a friendly and productive atmosphere. 

Declutter Your Clutter 

If you are scheduled for a video conference, it is wise to tidy your desk area and anything in camera view. Remember that people are not only looking at you but also at what is behind you. The best background for a video conference meeting would be a plain colored wall.

You can always virtually upload a background if that is not an option. You mainly want a clean area to limit diversion from what is being said during the meeting. 

These five best practices will keep your video conference meeting on track and guarantee an efficient and seamless meeting. Here are some helpful video conference etiquette tips that impress anyone, from clients to coworkers!

  1. Send an Itinerary/Agenda to Members Beforehand 
  2. Mute Yourself When You’re Not Speaking
  3. Take Notes
  4. Dress Appropriately
  5. Avoid Multitasking
  6. Be on Time
  7. Join in a Quiet Area
  8. Limit Side Conversations 

Hosting or joining videoconferencing meetings is not something that you should feel intimidated by. However, it is important to take videoconferencing meetings seriously and to be prepared. As the saying goes, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

Understanding camera quality, audio, lighting, and background and integrating an online conference booking system can easily ensure a more productive online meeting for all attendees. By following these expert tips, you can be on your way to creating a productive video conferencing experience in no time. 

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