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Published: Jul 22, 2021

3 Benefits of Including A/V Integration During Your Construction Phase

When it comes to mapping out your business’ new construction plans, there is an empty canvas to create your ideal business model. From the architectural design to the overall layout of the space and everything in between, your team can truly bring their business model and vision to life through the construction project. 

When it comes to writing out your business model and construction plans, do you have A/V Integration included within these plans?

Now, more than ever, audio/visual systems are critical to be included in your day-to-day operations. When you consider sound and video systems early on in your pre-construction, construction, and design phases, you can create more extensive, advanced, and unique A/V systems to help meet your goals and increase productivity. 

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of including A/V integration during your construction phase.

1. Seamless Wiring and Cabling During Construction

Oftentimes technology and AV installation can depend on construction milestones. For instance, when you install your audiovisual systems during the construction process, it allows for all AV and networking cables to be hidden behind walls, creating a seamless and refined look. If AV were installed after a construction project was complete, the wiring and cabling would have to be placed in different areas.

2. More AV Opportunities 

An added value to including audiovisual within your construction plans is that it can allow for more unique and advanced technology opportunities that may not be possible if you were to consider AV after construction is complete. Meeting with a professional audiovisual consultant during your planning process can help you in determining the right audio/visual solutions that can help contribute to the overall purpose and goals within your business. 

CSAV Systems provided innovative solutions during the construction project of HOPE Tower at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Within the construction of their amphitheater, CSAV custom-designed a quality sound system, “which was strengthened with an Assisted Hearing technology with copper wire along the entire length of the floor under the carpet. This allows the wearer to hear from anywhere in the space.” This type of AV integration may not have been possible if it was not completed during the planning and construction process.

3. Save On Time and Money

Audio/visual design services can save your business valuable time and money in the long run, by integrating the right sound and video systems during your construction process.  The value in adding AV within your planning, design, and construction of your commercial project can allow for your team to fulfill your current technology goals while leaving room for you to make changes and upgrades in the future. 

If your business is beginning its planning, pre-construction, or construction of a new facility, it is critical to take into consideration how AV technologies can fit within your construction plans and contribute to your daily operations. As a professional Audiovisual Consultant in New Jersey, CSAV Systems can work with you to design and integrate the right sound and video systems for your new construction project. Our team at CSAV Systems can work with architects, general contractors, planning and management teams to help create and integrate AV systems throughout your space. We work with business markets including Corporate Offices, Government Institutions, Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities, Churches and Houses of Worship, Schools, Restaurants and Bars, Golf and Country Clubs, Warehouses, Retail Stores and Malls, and more to provide custom design solutions, AV integration, and installation, service and continued support. 

Contact CSAV Systems to learn how we can help enhance the technologies within your new construction project. Call us for a free systems analysis or click here

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