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Published: Feb 24, 2024

Country Club AV: 3 Game-Changing AV Solutions

Have you considered offering your guests unparalleled experiences with innovative country club AV solutions?

As winter comes to a close, spring is just around the corner. Which ultimately means golf and country club season is upon us. There’s nothing better than being outside on the course doing what you love. Or maybe you prefer to relax by lounging in the common area with other members. Wherever your go-to relaxation place is at your club, look around the facility.

Is there relaxing background music playing? Are there security cameras? Golf and country clubs all over understand the value of integrating audiovisual solutions for their members. Keep reading to discover which innovative and user-friendly solutions you can add to your club.

3 Game-Changing Country Club AV Solutions


Many golf and country clubs include various dining options in their facilities.

Consider using touchscreen menus whether your guests prefer a quick pick-me-up snack or prefer to sit down with the kids. Touchscreen menus are quick, fun, and interactive. It’s an excellent way for staff to receive the order quicker while ensuring no communication errors. Touchscreen menus are a must-have country club av solution for staying ahead of the game! 


Audiovisual solutions and entertainment go hand in hand, like golf and club. Some popular audiovisual entertainment solutions include high-ceiling projectorsspeakers, microphones, and background music. These solutions are a great option if your club regularly hosts events.

They are also great to have on the daily. For instance, regular background music throughout the facility can create a calming and pleasant atmosphere for members and staff. 


Feeling safe at your club is something every member is entitled to and this is one country club av solution you don’t want to miss. Outdoor and indoor video surveillance is an option that many golf and country clubs are considering. It is essential to have video surveillance to monitor the premises, especially for larger clubs.

Our video surveillance has features such as playback, so you can closely evaluate if something unexpected happened. Indoor and outdoor video surveillance is a critical audiovisual solution for your country club. 


If your golf or country club is ready to upgrade or integrate customized audiovisual solutions, you’ve come to the right place! CSAV Systems is your go-to destination, where our team of audiovisual consultants is prepared to assist you with any questions about the wide range of options available.

At CSAV Systems, we specialize in providing audiovisual solutions for various markets around the Tri-State area. Call us today at 732-577-0077 or fill out our Free System Analysis Form to speak to a professional AV consultant about upgrading the technologies within your club. 

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