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Published: Sep 19, 2022

3 Levels of Conference Room Solutions

Looking for conference room solutions? When setting up your conference room, choosing the right technologies to support your video conference is essential to ensuring a successful meeting. Whether you are designing a small meeting space such as a huddle room, a medium-sized conference room, or a large conference room, the A/V used in each of these scenarios is unique to the size and scope of your conference space.

Investing in hiring a professional AV vendor to install, integrate and service your conference room av solutions, can save your company both valuable time and money in the long run. An audiovisual consultant can recommend various levels of conference room solutions based on the layout of the room and the purpose of the space.

Continue reading to learn about the 3 levels of conference room solutions recommended by CSAV Systems.

Three Conference Room Solutions To Consider

1. Standard Solution – These conference room solutions can be found in small corporate spaces such as meeting rooms and huddle areas that fit under 10 people. The standard solution involves a simple system with minimal audio-visual solutions. The video conferencing technologies within these small conference rooms include a basic display with a video and options for wireless content sharing and hardwire guest inputs.

2. Advanced Solution – This type of solution can be found in medium-sized conference spaces such as multipurpose and boardrooms. Different from the standard solution, the advanced solution includes more audio visual technologies with far more capabilities. Some AV that can be found within these medium-sized conference spaces are: a large display with ceiling-mounted microphones and speakers, one pan tilt zoom camera with a control system, and the option for wireless content sharing or hardwire guest input. With these video conferencing solutions integrated into your conference space, your guests or outside visitors can easily control and adjust the settings within their video conferencing meetings.

3. Customized Solution – The customized solution is the highest tier of video conferencing, which can be found in large and complex conference spaces, such as large meeting rooms, divisible conference spaces, amphitheaters, or training centers. Within these large conference rooms, you will see a sophisticated, unique, and customizable design.

Some audio-visual solutions that you will see in these rooms may include multiple large displays, ceiling-mounted microphones and speakers, wireless microphones, and multiple pan tilt zoom cameras which can interface with PCs for video conferencing. In some conference spaces, these rooms may also contain large monitors and displays such as video walls, large screen projection systems or ceiling retreating monitors.

While elaborate in their design, these types of conference room AV systems are constructed for users to have a seamless experience, while also being easy to use and operate.

If your facility is looking to upgrade the AV technologies within conference rooms, it is important first to identify the goals and the purpose of AV within your conference rooms. When you invest in a professional audio-visual vendor such as CSAV Systems, our team can work with you to create the highest quality conference room solutions that are completely tailored to your facility. Whether you are looking at a standard solution, advanced solution, or customized solution – our team can custom design, install and integrate conference room AV solutions, while also providing training and support on your systems.

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