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Published: Apr 06, 2024

Strategic AV Integration: 3 Incredible Benefits of Preconstruction Planning

Are you familiar with strategic AV integration planning? It’s common for people to want to integrate audiovisual solutions to their facility after everything has been built and designed. Integrating audiovisual solutions can sometimes be quite complex, depending on the solution. Unfortunately, when situations like this arise, guaranteeing a quick installation process is not always possible.

We recommend including audiovisual and AV design consultants in your preconstruction plans because of the countless advantages. So, when is the right time? The best time to bring on an AV integrator would be during the design or even pre-design phase of your construction schedule.

The most important thing to consider is that including AV before any permanent work is done will save your company time, money, energy, and, of course, any stress in the long run. Keep reading to learn about the advantages of strategic AV integration planning in your preconstruction plans

3 Benefits of Strategic AV Integration Planning

Efficient Infrastructure 

AV systems often require specific infrastructure such as wiring, conduit, and mounting points. Considering AV needs during the early phases of construction planning allows for an efficient strategy for these infrastructure requirements.

Strategic AV integration planning can minimize the need for intrusive modifications to the building structure later, which can result in more money spent. Construction workers and technicians will not make room for AV installation if this is not discussed.

Bringing an AV integrator after the fact could cause more work in the end and will disrupt the construction schedule. 

Optimized Performance 

Knowing which room will have a projection screen or which room will have an amphitheater will go a long way. Early consideration of AV systems enables designers and engineers to optimize performance factors such as acoustics, lighting, windows, and sightlines.

By incorporating AV requirements from the get-go, the design team can create spaces that enhance seamless AV operation from room to room. It will be an entirely new setup from the beginning when you start planning your AV.

Cost Savings

Who doesn’t love to save a few bucks? Addressing AV needs early in construction can lead to immense cost savings. It allows for proper planning and budgeting, preventing expensive modifications.

Additionally, early consideration of AV requirements can help make informed decisions about infrastructure needs, potentially reducing unnecessary expenses and additional equipment. 

Plan Ahead!

Planning and consulting with an AV expert during preconstruction will always outweigh the contrary. It will create a more efficient infrastructure and a more optimized AV experience and save you and your facility time and money.

Anticipating audiovisual needs in the earlier stages will guarantee a better aesthetic layout and technology functionality. 

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