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Published: Nov 19, 2020

3 Reasons Why a Video Conferencing System is Vital to Your Business

Technology in the workplace is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity, and having a professional video conferencing system is no exception.  These systems are being used more and more in huddle rooms, conference spaces, boardrooms, and other meeting areas. Now more than ever due to restrictions due to COVID-19, video conferencing systems are essential for businesses to keep employees connected and have the ability to collaborate with other team members, clients, vendors, and guests.

Many businesses were forced to quickly close their offices this year and make an abrupt change to remote work. Those that had video conferencing implemented already thrived, while others struggled to catch up. The foreseeable future remains uncertain regarding in-office functions, making it more important than ever to have video conferencing capabilities in your office. 

In addition to making it possible to work remotely, there are other valuable reasons why your business needs a video conferencing system in place, here are the top 3 reasons why.

1. Keep Your Business Running – No Matter What

There are a number of reasons why business operations can be disrupted from something as simple as inclement weather to more complex like a global pandemic. Video conferencing allows you to avoid any type of business interruption. Video conferencing equals business continuity. This means that even though your CFO is stranded across the country due to a snowstorm, your office manager is home with a sick child, while the rest of your staff is onsite at your local office business can carry on as usual. 

video conferencing meetingsVideo conferencing allows you to adapt quickly to any circumstance, and when it’s already implemented into your business operations you’ll be able to function without disruption. By making these communication and collaboration tools a part of your daily operations you’ll find that your staff will become more efficient and your business will become “disaster-proof”. 

2. Connect on a Large Scale

Video conferencing allows businesses to connect on a large scale. Whether it’s with employees across multiple locations, or customers in different states or even countries you have to ability to meet with them all at once. Video conferencing rooms are capable of hosting hundreds of participants making it possible to address entire departments at once, or the entire board of a potential client. The sky is the limit!

Additionally, you can take advantage of features like cloud recording and streaming both of which can increase the quality of video calls by allowing clients or employees to access the calls on demand after the meeting has occurred. 

By having the ability to expand your virtual communications you will save time and run your business more efficiently. Instead of having to have multiple meetings to discuss new company policies or get multiple locations to meet at one location, you can meet with your entire organization at once without requiring anyone to leave their location.

Virtual conferencing also helps to boost team morale and peer engagement during times where employees may feel more isolated and disconnected due to circumstances related to COVID-19.

3. Improve Inter-Office Communications

Video conferencing provide your business with a fast and secure way to communicate with your various departments. As video continues to become more critical to the workplace, you need to prioritize using it for inter-office communications. Video conferencing gives you flexibility, mobility, and better overall communication. Maybe you have a mix of in-person and remote workers, are an entirely remote team or have multiple offices. Regardless of your organizational structure, you can bring your entire team together using video conferencing.

Contact CSAV Systems to Set Up Video Conferencing for Your Business 

If your business is looking to upgrade or install its video conferencing system, CSAV Systems will work with you to determine the best solution for your business. We work with businesses in New Jersey, New York City, and other states to provide innovative video conferencing systems. We install video and teleconferencing systems and integrate these systems with video web conferencing platforms, you can learn more about video conferencing system installations here.

CSAV Systems is also a Zoom Certified Integrator. We have teamed up with Zoom to help businesses in New Jersey adopt Zoom cloud meeting solutions into their operations.

Call us today at 732-577-00777 for assistance.

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