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Published: Aug 24, 2020

4 Audio Visual Technologies to Revolutionize Your Warehouse

Can Your Warehouse Be More Functional?

One of the most important aspects of a warehouse is making sure that everything is functioning to the best of its ability. The technology solutions installed within your facility can directly affect your business’ day-to-day operations. Quality A/V systems within your warehouse or industrial facility can help improve employee productivity and help support communication. 

At CSAV Systems, we can provide the right technology solutions to support all your operations. How can you create a more functional environment for your warehouse? CSAV Systems can provide these four professional sound and video systems that can help transform your warehouse. 

1. Video Conferencing Systems in your Warehouse

Warehouses use single spaces for multiple purposes. In some cases – employee meetings and trainings may be conducted in the same conference areas or huddle rooms. Projection Systems can be beneficial when conducting training seminars to help display all necessary information. In addition, Videoconferencing and Teleconferencing Systems can also be valuable in multi-purpose rooms, where employees come together for meetings and conference calls. Having the right sound and video systems to support your meetings, whether they are in-person or virtual is critical to your business. 

industrial facility2. PA & Intercom Systems in your Warehouse

One challenging obstacle when working in such a large space is being able to communicate with everyone in the building. Paging and Intercom Systems eliminates communication barriers, allowing you to reach anyone in the warehouse, wherever they may be. PA and Intercom Systems in your warehouse can help to speed up resolutions to major issues, as well as send important messages to your entire staff in a clear and quick manner. At CSAV Systems, we also install Background Music and XM Radio Players in your area to create an inviting space for your employees and guests.

3. Video Surveillance Cameras in your Warehouse

In any type of business, safety and security is a top priority. In warehouses and industrial facilities, it is crucial to have video surveillance cameras installed in entryways and access points, in order to help protect the safety of your employees while also keeping an eye on business operations. CSAV Systems can install Video Surveillance throughout the entire building, allowing for management to be able to view and playback video footage, if need be. Our video surveillance systems can also be accessed remotely, which means if you have multiple warehouse locations you can view them all at any given time, no matter where you are.

4. Digital Signage in your warehouse

Digital Signage helps everyone who works in the warehouse to stay connected. These interactive monitors and displays can show critical information and data, such as company protocols, health and safety guidelines, helpful tips, employees’ schedules, and other important announcements. Digital Signage can also display important COVID Information, such as face mask requirements, social distancing guidelines other local and state regulations. The range of benefits Digital Signage allows helps to increase employee performance while also helping the company to remind employees of its purpose.

CSAV Systems – Professional Technology Solutions for your Warehouse 

At CSAV Systems we understand the importance of your warehouse’s operations. Our team at CSAV Systems is here to work with you to create custom design A/V systems, that can help promote a safe, healthy, and productive environment for your team. We provide sound and video system installations for solutions such as video conferencing systems, Public Address (PA) and Intercom Systems, Video Surveillance Cameras, and Digital Signage Displays. We provide professional permanent installations for COVID Technology Solutions such as Thermal Imaging Cameras, Face and Face Mask Recognition and Temperature Screenings to ensure that your workplace promotes the safe and healthy environment for your employees, clients and guests.

Whether you are looking to install a new system, upgrade your technology solutions or service to your existing equipment, we are committed to “Serving with Solutions.” We work with warehouses and industrial facilities in New Jersey, New York, and other states. 

How can our team at CSAV Systems help improve the sound and video systems in your warehouse? Fill out our Free Systems Analysis Form here or call us today at 732-577-0077.

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