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Published: Apr 23, 2023

Conference Room AV: 4 Powerful Solutions for Large Conference Rooms

As business communications become more interconnected through virtual mediums, the importance of having professional meeting room solutions for large conference rooms, boardrooms, and training centers, specifically conference room AV, is ever-increasing. If you’re hosting a large conference, event, or meeting, investing in high-quality AV facilitates communication, collaboration, and engagement among attendees. Continue reading to learn about four meeting room solutions for large corporate spaces.

Conference Room AV Solutions

Video Conferencing Systems

The number one conference room AV solution that you should consider for your large meeting space or training center should be video conferencing systems. Large meeting rooms and training centers often host important conferences and hybrid meetings with multiple guests. A high-end video conferencing system within a large conference room will have quality cameras, microphones, and multiple displays to support your video call.

With large meeting spaces, investing in installing multiple PTZ cameras can ensure superior coverage and better visibility. To ensure you have quality conference room solutions, it is important to consider working with a professional AV vendor to design, install and integrate, service and support your conference room solutions. Agnostic conference room solutions are also a good option for you to invest in, to ensure there is seamless communication for video conference meetings.

Multiple Advanced Display Monitors

Large, high quality, and multiple display monitors are another excellent solutions that can enhance your conference room AV solutions. When you have a conference room that seats more than 30 people, it may be a good idea to consider investing in multiple display options, to optimize your meeting experience.

Unique and innovative Display options may include ceiling retreating monitors, video walls, multiple high-definition monitors, or projection systems.  Display monitors can support conference calls by providing access to virtual communication or collaboration tools, such as whiteboarding, annotation, and document sharing.

Audio Solutions

If you’re in a large conference room, training center, or auditorium, your attendees must hear meetings and presentations clearly. Sound reinforcement, such as microphones and speakers, helps ensure clarity to support your meetings. These solutions provide that everyone hears what is being said and that the communication is effective. Audio solutions may look like in-wall or ceiling speakers, tabletop speakers, bi-amp speakers, and microphones.

Control Panels

The use of control panels in conference rooms has become increasingly popular, as it allows for ease of use when it comes to adjusting settings during a conference call. A control panel is a device that usually sits in a central location in a conference room (typically directly on a board room table or installed and mounted in-wall near technologies).

Control panels enable people to easily adjust and control various audio and visual equipment and settings. Control panels can also be used to set presets for different scenarios. For example, if a company has a regular weekly meeting, the user can program a preset that automatically supports your regular meeting. This saves time and ensures consistency in the experience for meeting attendees. 

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Contact CSAV Systems – Professional AV Vendor for Large Conference Spaces

When you are setting up a large meeting room, you need significant conference room AV solutions. These solutions include video conferencing, cameras, interactive displays, audio solutions, control panels and connectivity solutions, which can improve communication, collaboration, and engagement among attendees. These solutions can help optimize your meeting, ensuring that the AV within your large conference room allows for successful communication and collaboration.  

If you are looking to update, install or service your AV solutions within your conference room, reach out to CSAV Systems to receive a FREE Systems Analysis or call us today at 732-577-0077.

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