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Published: Feb 01, 2024

5 Critical Types of Assisted Living Facility AV

Assisted living facilities should be a pleasant experience for your loved ones. These residents should live in a facility promoting wellness, communication, and expertise. Part of that experience is for the facility to be equipped with the proper technology, thus allowing a seamless transition for this next step of their lives.

An example of using the right technology could be considering audiovisual solutions. Audiovisual solutions in your assisted living facility can be used not only for recreational use but also for healthcare purposes. Keep reading to find out which audiovisual solutions can be integrated into your assisted living facility.

5 Types of Assisted Living Facility AV

Sound Reinforcement

Owners of assisted living facilities or any other senior living homes should know their audience.

Assisted living facility residents may not have the best hearing they had in the past. Sound reinforcement gives these residents an equal opportunity to hear things. Solutions such as speakers, amplifiers, and microphones can go a long way to making your residents feel seen. 

Projectors and Display Monitors

Installing ceiling-mounted projectors can be a perfect AV solution for various recreational activities such as displaying movies, bingo, photo collages, etc. All of our projectors and display monitors are exceptionally high quality. Display monitors don’t always need to be used for entertainment purposes.

Display monitors are a great visual tool that can show residents any healthcare information provided by their doctors, such as X-ray images or new exercises added to their physical therapy plan. 

Video Conferencing

Not all residents have a cellphone to video chat with their loved ones. Even further, not all residents may have a cell phone. A video conference room for residents to contact and see their friends or family via video chat would be a meaningful tool. However, this could be an excellent solution for staff to contact each other.

Our video conferencing setups are user-friendly and efficient. But don’t worry; CSAV Systems provides training and support on our video conferencing systems, ensuring your team can easily understand and control the video conferencing equipment during meetings. 

XM Radio

Studies have shown that music is a powerful healing tool for many different age groups. Music has been shown to boost memory, improve cognition, relieve stress, facilitate communication, and more. The advantages of music are endless.

Integrating XM radio for your healthcare facility could be an excellent tool for your assisted living facility, considering all the cognitive health benefits.

Video Surveillance 

Safety is a crucial element to have in an assisted living facility. Help protect your residents and staff by implementing a video surveillance system within your facility. Cameras can be installed inside or outside, securing all areas of your facility. CSAV Systems ensures you receive the highest quality video surveillance system that helps keep residents and staff safe. 

Contact CSAV Systems For Assisted Living Facility AV 

CSAV Systems can provide audio/visual solutions for your assisted living facility, adult community, or retirement home. Solutions such as sound reinforcement, projectors, video conferencing, XM radio, and video surveillance can contribute to a smoothly run facility. CSAV Systems can custom design A/V for your facility while meeting your technology requirements. Call us today at 732-577-0077 or click here for a Free Systems Analysis. 

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