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Published: May 17, 2019

Are Your Outdoor A/V Systems Ready for Summer?

With summer just around the corner, the beautiful weather is here to stay. Restaurants are opening their outside deck, swim and tennis clubs are nearing the busiest time of year, and it is officially peak season for golf and country clubs. With guests flocking to restaurants along the Jersey shore and seasonal businesses such as yacht clubs and beach clubs – we have one question in mind: Are your outdoor venues ready for the summer season?

Take a look at how you can up the atmosphere with these four A/V tips to get your business’ outdoor spaces ready:

Quality Sound Systems along the porch, deck, or outside space

Why do your guests come to your outside space? There are many factors that can come into play – beautiful scenery, delicious food and drinks, and the atmosphere of your space. Whether you are using outdoor music systems to create a fun and lively atmosphere or a romantic ambiance, it is essential that your sound system functions properly to enhance the mood of your seasonal business. When guests walk to your business’ outside space, patio, or deck the sound should carry loud and clear throughout your entire facility. Playing background music through to your outside space could help enhance your business atmosphere. At CSAV Systems, we install outside speaker systems for businesses with outdoor spaces, restaurant PA systems can help create a better experience for diners for example. We work with Woodstack restaurant locations to provide speakers for their outdoor areas. CSAV Systems can provide speaker systems for outdoor spaces such as restaurants, bars, lounges, hotels, golf, and country clubs, swim and tennis clubs, yacht clubs and more.

Video Surveillance Systems

The safety of your staff, your guests, and your business is foremost. At CSAV Systems, we can design and install an outdoor surveillance system that is specific to your business. If your business has outside spaces- such as tennis courts, pools, outdoor dining and bars, we can create an outdoor sound video surveillance system to ensure the safety within all areas of your business, including the outdoor spaces. Having a custom video surveillance system that is designed for your indoor and outdoor space that is designed just for your hospitality venue can help your security team keep their eyes and ears on everything going on, so your visitors and staff remain safe. At CSAV Systems, we work with Fauburg restaurant in Montclair, NJ to install and service video surveillance systems.

PA Systems and Intercom

Need to make an important announcement throughout the outside space of your facility? Having an outdoor PA System and Intercom installed within your outdoor space can allow for employees to make announcements heard throughout all perimeters of your business. Outside PA systems are also essential for education facilities with outdoor stadium and fields. Get the crowd excited, play music at half-time, and broadcast commentary for all to hear loud and clear. At CSAV Systems, we work with Colts Neck High School in Monmouth County, NJ to install Intercom systems for their high school stadium.


When it comes to restaurants and bars with outside spaces, what else can set your business apart from your competitors? More monitors. Having monitors outside can add another layer of entertainment for your guests. What better way to have Sunday Funday than being at an outside bar watching your favorite sporting event? CSAV Systems works with restaurants and bars to custom design, install and service monitors for outdoor space. We work with Huddy’s Inn in Colts Neck, NJ to install monitors for their outdoor dining area.

Contact CSAV Systems for a FREE System Analysis for your Business’ Outdoor Area

At CSAV Systems our team of technicians provides their professional recommendations on what A/V systems work best for your outdoor space. We work with your business to meet your needs as well as your budget, while still staying on the cutting edge of technology solutions. We service clients in New Jersey, New York City, and other states. How can we help improve outdoor A/V systems within your space? Give us a call at 732-577-0077 or click here to fill out our free systems analysis.

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