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Published: Oct 15, 2021

Top A/V Technologies for Your Court House

During a meeting or trial, it is crucial for your audio/visual systems to function seamlessly. Proper audio/visual equipment is essential for your institution to run smoothly. 

AV technology provides a modern approach to presenting and storing evidence that can expedite the court proceedings, allowing for cases to be handled more securely. From inside your courtroom to chambers, attorney lounges, Clerks Offices, or lobbies, CSAV Systems provides custom audio/visual systems to fit all your judicial needs. It is highly beneficial for the people of your court to have the right technology available to them. See the list below to learn about the four audio/visual solutions your courthouse needs:

Videoconferencing & Teleconferencing Systems

By integrating videoconferencing systems into the court, it can allow those who are remote to contribute to the case. Additionally, videoconferencing allows for virtual arraignment / post-arraignment release hearings, in which the defendant can be held in a more secure location. Virtual cases eliminate the need for victims and the accused to be in the same space. In addition, this keeps witnesses, specifically young ones, in a low-pressure environment making their testimony more equable. 

Audio Speakers & Microphones 

It is imperative your courthouse has loud, clear speakers and microphones. Court sessions, council chamber meetings, and announcements taking place within your institution are all details that need to be heard distinctly; having the correct audio speakers for your sound system can make all the difference for those trying to understand the message. Audio quality is often outdated in courtrooms, with more precise microphones and audio output, courtrooms are guaranteed all spoken communication is heard clearly. 

High Definition & Interactive Display Screens

A/V solutions for the courtroom include evidence presentation. Evidence presentation is a vital part of the court proceedings, and every piece of evidence must be presented clearly so that jury members can properly decipher it. Interactive display screens enhance the show-and-tell part of court hearings with lawyers able to present evidence on large display screens with the ability to zoom in to show detail, present footage, or recreate events; digitally and interactively. 

Paging & Intercom Systems

Paging & Intercom Systems in the courtroom generally serve one critical purpose, the enhancement of communicating. Communication is the foundation of law, and when it is prioritized in a courtroom setting, everything runs more smoothly and more efficiently. Give all municipal employees in your building the ability to reach each other quickly or make important announcements throughout the building with paging and intercom systems.

At CSAV Systems, our team is here to provide custom design, installation, support, and service of audio-visual technology for your Court House. Today, A/V can serve so many purposes for government institutions and have a diligent impact on municipalities. Our team is committed to carrying out high-priority work for critical municipal communications through Audio/Visual and videoconferencing systems. Read More about Government Institutions here.

Founded in 2005, CSAV Systems is the leader in the professional sound, video, and teleconferencing industry. “Serving with Solutions,” we are innovators who design and provide commercial institutions with dynamic, user-friendly, and cutting-edge sound and video systems. We service thousands of clients in New Jersey, New York City, and other states.

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