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Published: Feb 24, 2024

Which PTZ Camera Should I Use for Live Streaming Services?

 Live streaming your house of worship’s service is a new and innovative way to unite people with the same religious beliefs and values. The beauty of streaming is that people worldwide can join your prayer and feel united from the comfort of their homes.

To get started on live streaming, there are a few things you will need to have. One of the most crucial is choosing your go-to streaming camera. To start, we highly recommend a PTZ Optics brand. 

How To Pick the Best PTZ Camera

Picking the best PTZ camera for streaming isn’t easy. It can seem that there are endless choices out there, and it can quickly feel overwhelming. Many churches have used iPhone, iPad, and laptop cameras unsuccessfully. If you want to live stream, you should want to live stream with the right equipment.

When people are ready to step up to a “real PTZ camera,” generally, they consider posting their streaming on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, etc. A cell phone camera is not made like a PTZ camera. Many PTZ cameras feature motion tracking, auto tracking, motion control, large field view, night vision, and much more while still being high resolution. Some of our top camera brands include PTZ Optics, Sony, Panasonic, Marshall and Lumens.

In short, there is not a “best camera” because one size does not fit all. Each house of worship has different needs, and each user has different skill sets. At CSAV Systems, our professional A/V consultants will consider everything and pair your facility with the right PTZ Optics camera.

Jonathan Dolan, a Design Consultant at CSAV Systems, says, “We do some creative things for different denominations. Some customers want to press a single button to stream; others want to start the stream from their iPhone anywhere in the world from an app. Simplicity and versatility are common themes in the post-Covid world.” Everyone is looking for something different, but the one thing that must be a reliable camera to get started.

Watch our video below on the different types of live streaming in houses of worship.


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