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Published: Nov 18, 2023

CSAV Systems Attends Crestron’s Experience Center

This November, four members of CSAV Systems made their way over to Rockleigh, NJ, to attend Crestron’s Experience Center. These four members included President of CSAV Systems Glen J, Dalakian, and Vice President Michael King. Participating in this experience led our team to further their knowledge of new and innovative audio-visual technology.

CSAV Systems and Crestron’s Experience Center

AV solutions can help various industries and organizations, from corporate facilities to municipalities to restaurants. Crestron’s Experience Center and CSAV Systems have been partnering and learning from each other for quite some time. CSAV Systems is an audio-visual company that offers high-quality professional sound, video & teleconferencing systems for many major clients. Our team has become a leader in the professional sound, video & teleconferencing industry. CSAV has serviced thousands of clients throughout New Jersey, New York, and other states. 

As a leading control systems manufacturer, Crestron is an award-winning company offering quality technology solutions for various industries, including commercial businesses. CSAV Systems needs to attend learning opportunities like Crestron’s Experience Center because it shows our dedication and eagerness to learn and to better ourselves as a company for our clients. CSAV Systems is trained at every level, including sales, technical, and programming, to represent Crestron and adequately implement its unique high-level technologies. Crestron’s Experience Center was a tremendous way to learn firsthand about the AV industry and its new tools. 

The experience started with a Crestron tour guide showing the group around the facility and explaining various AV solutions and new products. From there, the group went into different rooms to demo AV solutions. CSAV employee Rosalie Mandracchia explained why it was such an honor to attend the experience. “Hearing about the AV solutions that we provide to our clients is one thing, but being physically there and seeing and using the solutions was such a rewarding experience,” Mandracchia says. “The experience was five hours, and the CSAV team was intrigued every second.” 

The Future of CSAV

Technology is constantly advancing and changing every day. We see it everywhere- even in our own homes. From the new updates to our phones to the new voice-connected speakers, technology will continue getting more robust and creative. As advancements keep arising, we must continue to have the passion and drive to become knowledgeable in the latest AV solutions and technology trends. 


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