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Published: Oct 25, 2019

Four Audio/Visual Solutions That Can Benefit Your Sports Bar or Restaurant

With thousands of bars and restaurants in New Jersey and New York City, hospitality businesses are facing competition from every direction. So, what can make your bar or restaurant the top choice for customers to visit among so many other businesses in the area? Sure – good food, delicious drinks, and prime location are all important factors that bring customers to your bar or restaurant.

However, it is the customers’ overall experience that keeps your customers coming back for more. Audio/Visual Solutions within your sports bar or restaurant come into play with this “overall experience.” Having systems that are current to technology trends, which guests can see and hear clearly add value to this idea of a “good experience.” How can your sports bar or restaurant be a step above the rest? With the best sports bar technology! We’ve outlined four audio/visual solutions for restaurants that can help take your hospitality business to the next level…

1. Video Walls and Projectors

When it comes to Sunday Funday, Football game-days, or live broadcasted events, people flock to their favorite sports bar to experience these monumental moments on the big screen! Having an LED Video Wall or a large screen projector system can create an exciting atmosphere, bringing people together to watch and listen to the programming that is displayed. Video walls and large screen projectors are eye-catching solutions that can elevate the atmosphere of your bar or restaurant. We work with Fireside Bar and Grill in Marlboro, New Jersey to provide a large screen projection screen and a ceiling-mounted projector.

audio visual systems for restaurants and bars

2.Speaker Systems

The sound in your bar or restaurant can help create the right mood for your business. Audio in hospitality businesses can help your customers be entertained and engaged by the video content being played through your TVs, video walls, or projection screens. If you are looking to install wall-mounted speakers or ceiling recessed speakers, CSAV Systems can provide a custom restaurant audio solution that fits the size and scope of your bar and restaurant.

We understand the importance of fluency of your audio systems within your business, and we can offer quality speaker systems that compliments your business and is easy for Managers and Owners to control and operate through A/V integration. We work with Faubourg Restaurant in Montclair, New Jersey to provide quality speaker systems throughout the restaurant.

3. Monitors

Give your guests the opportunity to watch a variety of sporting events from every area within your bar or restaurant. Having multiple monitors can allow for everyone to have great views of not just one football game, but of multiple games and live events that are happening at the same time.

When it comes to sports bars – the more monitors you have, the better the experience for your customers! At CSAV Systems, we can custom design, install and service wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted LED-monitors for your sports bar or restaurant. We work with Huddy’s Inn to provide monitors throughout the bar, restaurant, private party room, and outdoor area.

4. Digital Signage

They say digital is the new normal. So, how can your bar or restaurant adapt to the trend of digitization? Two words: Digital Signage. Gone are the days where you need to print out flyers or advertisements to be displayed in the waiting area of your bar or restaurant. By having digital signage displays, you can easily communicate important announcements or events to your customers, promote menu options and specials, and even share advertisements for people to easily see.

Digital signage displays can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye but can also serve as an eco-friendly option to sharing relevant information with hundreds of guests. Digital signage displays are interactive and appealing to your customers, while also being easy to use and update for your staff members. CSAV Systems can provide custom digital signage displays that can meet your operational expectations.

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How can CSAV Systems improve the overall experience of your sports bar or restaurant? Whether you are looking to install audiovisual systems for restaurants, or simply need service to your existing A/V systems – your next technology solution is just a phone call away! Call us today at or fill out our Free Systems Analysis. CSAV Systems provides technology solutions for businesses such as bars and restaurants in New Jersey, New York, and other states.

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