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Published: Jun 22, 2021

Get the A/V Support You Need for Your Next Conference Meeting

During a conference meeting, it is crucial for all your audio/visual systems to function seamlessly. Ensuring you have a plan in place for your audio/visual mishaps is imperative. With CSAV Systems Managed Service Agreements we can make that possible. 

We offer our clients custom package options that best fit your facility’s needs. With a service plan, our team can respond to all your technology needs quickly and efficiently. Whether you are a new client or an existing one with no warranty coverage, Managed Service Agreements are available to all. For corporate offices and hospitals/healthcare facilities, our Help Desk Team offers two tiers of service coverage plans. Some of our major healthcare facilities and nationally recognized corporate businesses are considered “White Glove Clients”.  Check out some of the benefits of our White Glove Services below.  

On-Site Meeting Support to Ensure Your Meetings Run Smoothly

At CSAV Systems we offer our Help Desk Clients with unlimited meeting support. If you have an upcoming conference meeting or event that involves the use of audio/visual systems, our team can attend for the reassurance of everything running smoothly. Our team members will work with you to determine the best solution for your problem.

With conference rooms relying so heavily on quality A/V technologies it is critical for your systems to work efficiently. Help ease your worries of a tech problem occurring during a middle of a meeting by having our team members on site.     

Training on Your Systems Prior to Your Meetings

At CSAV Systems, it is our goal for our clients to be completely comfortable with operating their newly installed system. To ensure this, we provide training sessions to help you familiarize and understand how to work your new system.

Our team members will provide training and support on how to use these audio/visual technologies prior to your meeting or event. For your next conference meeting, have confidence in using your new systems. Being trained on technology such as video conferencing systems is extremely valuable to the company with saving you time and money in the long run. Learning how to work your systems can eliminate the embarrassment of not being able to load or connect to your presentation during an important meeting. 

CSAV Systems will work with you to navigate the best service plan for your business. We offer Managed Service Agreements for corporate offices, healthcare facilities, churches, and houses of worship. Give us a call today and learn how CSAV can help evolve your technology solutions within your conference room.

Contacts us today at 732-577-0077 or fill out our Systems Analysis Form to receive a FREE Systems Analysis of your new or current system. 

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