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Published: Dec 16, 2023

Hotel AV: 4 Incredible Ways to Enhance Your Hotel Experience

Are you looking for the best hotel av solutions? Hotels are a place where people from all over the world come together to share a space to stay. In a unique way, there’s a sense of community and camaraderie coexisting with strangers in your common area whether that’s the lobby, reception, gym, or breakfast area. Wouldn’t it be great to have something innovative and tech-savvy that makes the hotel even more welcoming?

Perhaps a digital signage that peaks everyone’s interest with upcoming hotel events or activities. Or something such as background music to bring people together over their favorite songs. These A/V solutions can turn your hotel into an enjoyable environment in which everyone is satisfied and excited to be there. Keep reading to see which specific audio-visual solutions can be used in your facility and why it could be a good investment.

4 Types of Hotel AV

Display Monitors

Incorporating display monitors throughout your facility will help for numerous reasons. It can improve the aesthetic, but it also will help spread of important information instantaneously. These monitors can be used for a variety of unique purposes. Some purposes the monitor could have can include showing directions, closing hours, or contain photos of the vicinity. Including these monitors in places such as the gym or throughout the hallways can be very beneficial. When it comes to the best hotel av solutions, display monitors are a must have! 

Video Surveillance 

When people are booking a hotel, one of the main features they prioritize is safety. If your hotel is not safe, people won’t even bother taking a chance. A great way to incorporate safety features in your hotel is with the installation of video surveillance. Video surveillance is important for hotels for several reasons, as it enhances security, safety, and overall management. A hotel that has video surveillance contributes to creating a secure and welcoming environment for guests while supporting the overall management and success of the hotel. Guests will be much more eager to book a night somewhere they feel safe!

Background Music

Background music is another essential aspect of hotel av. People bonding over their favorite songs is one of the purest ways to create a cheerful ambiance. Having the ability to continuously play music/radio can be a game changer in the hotel industry. Having access to specific music channels that have been created by professionals to enhance your environment will aid your facility in creating the perfect atmosphere to encompass your hotel. XM radio is the premier global provider of customized media solutions for retail, hospitality, health & fitness, banking, and other business environments. You have the ability to completely control of your XM Music and messaging using the client online account.

Video Walls

Nothing catches one’s eye quite like an enormous high-quality video wall. More and more hotels are adapting to innovative technology that serves a dual purpose such as being informative and aesthetically pleasing to the venue. Placing video walls in high-traffic areas such as the lobby or food venues can help the guests feel more welcomed. This technology is comprised of multiple monitors which are matrixed together. The seamless integration of the numerous monitors allows the users to use each screen individually or use them all at the same time.

Contact CSAV Systems For Custom-Designed Hotel AV

At CSAV Systems, we offer a variety of audio-visual solutions for hotels such as wireless microphones, digital signage, audio speakers, video surveillance, background music, video walls, and much more. If any of these audio-visual solutions mentioned interest you, consider CSAV Systems.  Our team can custom design the best AV set-up for your facility. CSAV Systems services commercial audiovisual solutions in New Jersey, New York, and other states. Call us at 732-577-0077 or click here for a FREE SYSTEMS ANALYSIS.

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