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Published: Jul 12, 2023

InfoComm 2023 Recap: Amazing Key Takeaways by CSAV Systems

This past June, three of our dedicated employees from CSAV Systems embarked on an exciting journey to Orlando, Florida, to attend InfoComm 2023. In the dynamic world of technology and innovation, all companies must stay ahead of the curve. At CSAV Systems, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of the latest audiovisual (AV) industry advancements. 

That’s why, this past June, three of our dedicated employees eagerly embarked on an unforgettable journey to the vibrant city of Orlando, Florida, to attend the highly anticipated InfoComm 2023. InfoComm, the largest professional audiovisual trade show in North America, spanned three action-packed days and showcased thousands of cutting-edge products for various aspects of the AV industry.


InfoComm 2023: A Day in the Life of Our Team

InfoComm served as a hub where manufacturers, representatives, consultants, technology managers, and programmers converged, providing a unique opportunity for networking and collaboration.

The vibrant showcase boasted thousands of exhibitors, each vying for attention with their innovative offerings. From state-of-the-art display systems to immersive virtual reality experiences, the vast array of products catering to various aspects of the AV industry, including conferencing systems, digital signage, projection mapping, sound reinforcement, and much more. Our team immersed themselves in a playground of possibilities, eager to explore the latest advancements that would elevate our services and benefit our valued clients.

John, an engineer at CSAV, shared his main takeaways from the convention, highlighting the invaluable knowledge he gained about emerging technologies and his connections with representatives from different companies. These interactions not only fostered relationships but also opened doors to meet the manufacturers with whom our CSAV Systems team formed long-term relationships and partnerships.

During their time at InfoComm 2023, our team also had the opportunity to attend informative seminars and educational sessions conducted by industry experts. These sessions covered various topics, including advancements in audiovisual technologies, best practices for system integration, and the future of digital signage.

The knowledge gained from these sessions will enhance our team’s knowledge and deliver even better solutions to our clients. Additionally, the exhibition floor was a sight to see, with innovative displays and immersive installations showcasing AV technology’s power and possibilities. The entire experience has further fueled our passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the audiovisual industry.

Incredible Products

One product that captured our employees’ attention was Q-SYS, a remarkable cloud-manageable audio, video, and control platform. Developed by QSC, an esteemed American audio product manufacturer, Q-SYS is designed with modern, standard-based IT architectures, making it a versatile solution for various AV needs. Additionally, our team is exploring the potential of AV-over-IP (Audio Visual over Internet Protocol), a rapidly growing transmission technology in the AV industry that allies for the seamless transfer of audio-visual over network cable infrastructure.

Regarding industry trends, John believes remote monitoring will significantly alleviate workload and stress. With remote monitoring, companies can access a comprehensive dashboard view of all their AV systems, enabling efficient troubleshooting and maintenance without needing physical visits.

InfoComm 2023: What We Did After Hours

In addition to the bustling exhibition halls and informative seminars, InfoComm offered our team a unique opportunity to extend their networking and engagement beyond the confines of the convention center. After a day of exploring cutting-edge technologies and connecting with industry experts, our dedicated employees had the privilege of attending Aurora Multimedia’s highly anticipated 25th annual party.

The atmosphere at Aurora Multimedia’s event was one of celebration and camaraderie, providing a relaxed setting where professionals from various corners of the AV industry could come together and forge deeper connections. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, our team had the chance to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and build relationships beyond business interactions.

The after-hours gathering served as a platform for fostering stronger connections with industry representatives and professionals. It offered an opportunity to let loose, unwind, and engage in conversations transcending the purely professional realm. As the night progressed, our employees were immersed in lively discussions about emerging trends, shared challenges, and innovative solutions. These casual interactions not only enhanced their understanding of the industry landscape but also nurtured lasting connections that have the potential to drive future collaborations and partnerships.

InfoComm 2023: Looking Forward to Next Year

Overall, our employees had an incredible experience at InfoComm 2023. John emphasizes the importance of networking and relationship-building, whether meeting new people or finally putting faces to names. The convention also provided an excellent platform for technical support, enabling valuable discussions and inquiries. With excitement, our staff anticipates attending InfoComm 2024, scheduled in Las Vegas, Nevada, next June!

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