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Published: Oct 15, 2021

Questions to Ask When Choosing Your A/V Vendor

When deciding on the right professional audio/visual consultant for your business, you may feel overwhelmed with what questions to ask to ensure you are making the smart technology investment. In some instances, you may not know the exact audio/visual systems you need, but instead you are looking to an A/V vendor for guidance and support on the right solutions that will help you achieve your technology goals. So how can you ensure that you are investing in your sound and video dollars wisely?

Questions to Ask Potential A/V Vendors

The following is a list of ten questions that you should ask any professional audio-visual contractor that you would consider utilizing:

  1. Do you have a fully qualified team for A/V Design, Engineering, Installation and Service?
  2. Do you have an extensive, up-to-date list of Satisfied Clients that can contact for references?
  3. Has your company been involved in the Professional Sound and Video business for over five years?
  4. How many projects of this type have you successfully completed in the past year?
  5. How long is your Warranty Period? What does it cover, and does it include free loaner equipment?
  6. What is your average response time to A/V Service Call?
  7. Do you provide instruction manuals for your completed system?
  8. Are you fully insured for Liability and Workmen’s Compensation, and for what amount?
  9. Is your price complete for a comprehensive and functional system without extra charges?
  10. Do you offer a complete yearly Service Maintenance Agreement to extend the warranty of the system?

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