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Published: Nov 16, 2023

SIM Lab Solutions: 3 Types of AV Equipment You Need

It is known that healthcare workers need to be prepared for anything on the job. Each day is vastly unpredictable, and they must be able to react instantaneously. If healthcare personnel receive training in real-world scenarios, they will be more assured in their roles on the front lines. Incorporating Simulation Labs (SIM labs) in your classroom or healthcare facility will significantly benefit these young workers with real-world experience; that way, they are better prepared for future situations and know what to expect. Keep reading to learn a few audio-visual solutions to make your SIM Lab a more conducive and realistic learning experience. 


The ability to record, play back, and live stream a simulation is a beneficial AV solution. The use of live streaming helps healthcare workers to observe in real-time with real action. Being able to rewatch these simulations can help you feel more prepared and is a great way to learn. 


Reading about an emergency situation in a textbook is one thing, but watching a simulation of an emergency situation provides students with a better understanding of how to act. 

Debrief Rooms

Debrief rooms in SIM labs are dedicated spaces where participants can review and discuss their performance and the simulation. Usually, these rooms consist of classic AV solutions such as monitors, cameras, speakers, and microphones. 

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Create a Unique SIM Lab Today With CSAV Systems

Give your students and faculty a chance to continue to learn and thrive in challenging critical situations by aiding them with audio/visual integration to your medical simulation training facility.

CSAV Systems is here to work with your organization to create or update your medical simulation lab to exceed your expectations. We will create a custom design SIM Lab based on what is important to you. Call us at 732-577-0077 or complete a FREE systems analysis to get started today!

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