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Published: Sep 02, 2020

Technology Solutions That Your Restaurant or Bar Should Be Investing In

How can you ensure that your hospitality venue is adhering to the latest government guidelines, as you prepare for the reopening of indoor dining?

Does your restaurant, bar, or catering hall have the proper technology tools to help inform your staff and patrons of your facility’s health and safety regulations?

With New Jersey’s latest announcement regarding indoor dining – restaurants, bars, breweries, movie theaters, and catering halls throughout the state will soon be able to reopen their indoor areas, with certain restrictions in place. Hospitality venues are quickly adapting to new and innovative technologies that can help promote a safe, healthy, and socially distanced atmosphere for their business. Continue reading to learn how CSAV Systems can help support your restaurant or bar with COVID Ready Technology Solutions.

a/v systems for hospitality venuesDigital Signage in your Restaurant’s Entryways

Investing in touchless technology solutions, such as digital signage displays, can help promote your menus, specials, and events, while also informing and reminding your customers about all of your face mask and social distancing guidelines and protocols. Digital signage displays can be installed in areas including catering hall foyers, restaurant, and bar entryways and waiting areas, above ordering countertops and bar areas, and around common areas such as restrooms.

Digital signage displays are not only an engaging way to share important information with your customers, but they also are also an effective and cost-effective tool that eliminates the use of sharing menus and other promotional flyers with your customers. Digital signage in restaurants can allow for your business to have a multitude of information rotating throughout slides, which can easily be updated based on new indoor dining guidelines from the state and local government.

Benefits of Touchless Temperature Screening within your Restaurant

Having professional technology solutions such as temperature scans can help ensure that all your customers and employees are healthy before entering your facility. Touchless temperature screening is becoming a vital tool for restaurants, bars, breweries, catering and wedding halls, and other indoor hospitality venues. Non-contact temperature thermometers can have many benefits including instant and accurate results, as well as access control to all of those who enter into your restaurant or bar. At CSAV Systems, we can install a professional technology that can safeguard entryways through facial/face mask recognition and non-contact temperature screenings.

hospitality venue audio visual systemsThermal Imaging Cameras for Large Restaurants or Bars, Catering Halls, and Theaters

While Non-contact thermometers can be great for gathering temperatures of individuals, how can your facility capture differences in temperatures to large groups walking into your business? Thermal imaging cameras can be extremely beneficial for a way to easily identify and display differences of temperatures, as large groups enter into your facility. Businesses that can benefit from thermal imaging cameras include large catering halls and wedding venues, breweries, clubs, bars, movie theaters, and large restaurants. Based on the size and scope of your business, thermal imaging cameras can be installed in entryways and around common areas to help identify and slow the spread of possible infections.

Additional Audiovisual Technologies for your Hospitality Venue

While technology continues to evolve, our team at CSAV Systems is closely monitoring new and innovative technology solutions that can help promote a safe and healthy environment, while also enhancing your business atmosphere. We provide custom design and installation, A/V integration, and continued service and support for businesses in New Jersey, New York City, and other states. Additional solutions we can offer for your restaurant, bar, brewery, catering hall, wedding venue, or any other business market include video walls, displays and monitors, paging and intercom systems, indoor and outdoor audio systems, background music, live streaming systems, video surveillance cameras and more.

CSAV Systems – A/V Consultant for Hospitality Venues

“Serving with Solutions,” our team at CSAV Systems is here to help provide the right technology solutions for your restaurant and bar. Having quality and professional A/V solutions, such as digital signage displays, touchless thermometer screening, and thermal imaging cameras can help support a healthy atmosphere for your customers and employees. How can CSAV Systems improve the audiovisual solutions within your hospitality venue?

Give us a call at 732-577-0077 or fill out our Free Systems Analysis Form to learn how our team can help!

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