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Published: Dec 03, 2023

Video Conferencing AV: New Solutions in 2024

Are you looking for new video conferencing AV solutions for 2024? Over the last few years, companies have been adapting more and more to the hybrid work schedule and lifestyle. This schedule adjustment has caused an increase in video conferencing amongst their employees. Video conferencing provides numerous advantages to any company, such as being cost-effective, increasing collaboration, and allowing instant communication. As 2024 is gradually approaching, we must consider what new video conferencing AV solutions can offer. Learning about new video conferencing solutions in time for the new year will prepare us to make a more dynamic work environment, whether in person or at home. 

New Video Conferencing AV Solutions for 2024

Artificial Intelligence

It is clear to see that technology is advancing every day. Just recently, most of us were starstruck by the latest phenomenon, Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short. AI took the world by allowing instant information into your grasp in seconds. AI has also increased its benefits to improve video conferencing. AI tools such as noise cancellation, meeting statistics, background blurring, and automated captions are features that can drastically improve any video conferencing experience. Expect to see the use of AI throughout 2024.


While telehealth is not a new solution, we should expect more doctors and healthcare professionals to incorporate telehealth with their patients this year. Originally, telehealth was the only viable solution to meet with patients during the pandemic. It was convenient, and it was safe. Today, many patients are still telehealth advocates and do not want to return to pre-Covid times. It would not be surprising to see an increase in telehealth appointments this year rather than in-person appointments. 


Acting as an individual while working as a team is a valued trait. It’s important to be yourself and not lose sight of who you are, which can sometimes get lost in transactions when working as a group. New personalization features in video conferencing can help make you feel like an individual. Features such as customizing your background, adding photos, and even adding waiting music allow for a more interactive and unique video conferencing setup.

Analyzing Meetings

Figuring out who RSVPs to the meeting, who is unavailable, who is busy on Wednesdays, who works from home, and more can sometimes be frustrating. New video conferencing trends that allow you to track and analyze the audience’s behavior can be helpful when those situations arise. Certain video conferencing platforms will allow you to track attendance, including statistics such as who RSVP’d, what comments were made, time spent in the meeting, and more! Using a data analysis on video conferences will help organize the meeting.

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