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Published: Feb 15, 2024

Video Walls for your House of Worship

LED video walls are an incredible way to display content for larger audiences. I am sure you have seen video walls in your daily life, whether at the mall or an amusement park. Close your eyes and think about the last sporting event you attended. Remember the “jumbotron?” That’s a video wall!

Many associate video walls with strictly entertainment facilities, but that is not always true. This innovative technology can now be brought into your house of worship. If you need a 10ft or larger screen, our team can help compare prices and advantages of “LED Walls vs Projection Screens.”

Why Choose Video Walls For Your House of Worship?

Churches and synagogues find affordable “coarse grain” pixel pitch LED walls a viable option. In layman’s terms, people sit farther back, so you can get away with fewer LEDs, thus making them lower than ever in price.

With high ceilings and unique architecture, Christian churches, and Jewish Temples can be challenging when trying to mount a projector, sometimes impossible. LED walls offer unmatched flexibility with the technology to display different “screens” within the LED wall. 

If you want to take your house of worship to the next level, CSAV can help you custom design a video wall or projection screen system to meet your budget and goals.

Contact CSAV Systems For Your House Of Worship AV Video Walls

Our team at CSAV Systems can help upgrade your facility’s AV. CSAV Systems is an audiovisual installation company based in New Jersey. We specialize in serving various markets in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Our team offers custom audiovisual solutions, including video walls and much more. Contact us at 732-577-0077 or click here for a FREE systems analysis. 

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