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Published: Aug 10, 2022

The 5 Best AV Technologies For A Court Room to Consider

The courtroom is a place of great importance, and courtrooms are expected to be the most secure spaces in a building. When choosing technology for your courtroom, you want to make sure that it can provide both security and convenience for everyone involved.

Courts today are faced with a lot when it comes to AV technologies. They need to make sure that they have the right system for their needs, but they also need to think about how the system will impact their courtrooms. Court rooms are relied on for their accurate depiction of evidence during hearings and proceedings.

Municipal buildings are compromising cost and security by relying on obsolete technology. A/V technology in the courtroom generally serves one extremely important purpose, enhancing communication. When communication is prioritized in a courtroom, everything runs smoothly and more efficiently. In order to ensure that court proceedings are carried out in a fair and professional manner, there are many AV technologies that can be used to make the process more efficient.

av technologies for court rooms

Benefits of AV Technologies for Court Rooms

Different AV technologies can provide a modern approach to presenting and storing evidence that can expedite the court proceedings, allowing for cases to be handled more securely. Modern A/V solutions provide a reliable, more promising way of managing audio and video, but this is only the beginning.

Evidence presentation is a main part of the legal process, and every piece of evidence must be presented clearly, allowing members of the jury and courtroom to properly interpret it.

In the past, attorneys were to make a show of it, carrying the evidence around the room and keeping the judge or jury’s attention while pointing out the fine details; with audiovisual technology evidence can be displayed on a large LED screen. 

Evidence is not only something that needs to be shown, but oftentimes evidence also needs to be heard. With old, outdated speakers or video systems your courtroom faces the possibility of misunderstanding sound or video recordings. 

Top AV Technologies to Consider

The AV industry is a booming one, and the number of technology options are growing all the time. With so many technologies to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which ones will best suit your needs.

Here are some of the top AV technologies to consider:

Videoconferencing Systems: Make holding conferences or court proceedings with those who are distant from you still feel like they are face-to-face meetings by having a videoconferencing & teleconferencing system that works for your facility.  Additionally, videoconferencing allows for virtual arraignment / post-arraignment release hearings, in which the defendant or witness can be held in a more secure location.

Live Streaming: Live Streaming allows officials to broadcast important events through up-to-date technology. At CSAV Systems, we can custom design and install high-quality streaming systems and cameras for your Government Institutions, which can ultimately boost your reach. This allows public trials to be easily accessible for those at home. 

Video Surveillance Systems: Enable all security personnel or police officers to properly monitor the surrounding area of the government facility. Some impressive things in a courtroom setting, and some of the most popular solutions include:

Digital Signage: Show pictures, play video, and distribute information to all of those who visit your facility in a new visually interesting way.  The displays can be used to call people up to the front, without the judge having to shout a name out.

Paging & Intercom Systems: Giving the government officials in your building the ability to reach each other quickly or make important announcements throughout the site with paging and intercom systems.

Microphones and Speakers: Microphones and speakers  allow you to hear what’s going on, so you can stay involved in what’s happening around you. Microphones should be placed in strategic spots around the room so that no one is left out of the conversation. Speakers should be placed so that everyone can hear them clearly, but not too loudly.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV): CCTV systems allow you to monitor multiple areas at once using one camera to broadcast live video feeds onto a monitor or display screen in real time.

Plan for Future AV Technologies Today

When planning for the future of your court room, you should be sure to consider all the available options in today’s technological landscape. While the many av technologies available can be overwhelming, you should feel confident that you can find the right AV technologies for your court room You can start by identifying your needs and goals, then looking at all of the available options in order to find the best solution for you.

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