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Published: Jan 13, 2021

What Does an Audiovisual Consultant Do?

Due to COVID-19 you likely spent some time working remotely this year. If you are a business owner you probably had to make some quick decisions on what technology to implement and how to set up video conferencing systems, digital signage, or live streaming, which may have been challenging. This is where an audiovisual consultant can assist you. These are professionals who can analyze your business’ needs and help you determine the best technology to resolve any challenges you are facing.

Whether you run a corporation, government agency, school, university, house of worship, warehouse, hospitality venue, or restaurant, keep reading to learn more about what an audiovisual consultant does and how they can assist you.

What is an Audiovisual Consultant

An audiovisual consultant is a specialist who will analyze your current technology setup, listen to your goals and challenges, and help you design a system that accommodates all of your technology requirements. They will help you choose optimal equipment that will be used to bring your ideas to life and provide tailor-made suggestions for your project.

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The Role of an Audiovisual Consultant

Having a new technology system installed in your place of business is a very complex process, which is where the experience and expertise of an AV consultant is critical to the success of a project. They act as a support person for the overall efforts of the design team, and will also be an advocate and adviser to the client. 

Some things the audiovisual consultant will consider are:

  • The room size and layout for the technology
  • What the best viewing angles are for video technology
  • Ceiling heights to ensure there is enough space to accommodate projection screens, and that they are properly sized and placed 
  • Appropriate power and connectivity must be designed to accommodate equipment
  • Identify the location of video projectors, audio speakers, and control panels 

 Due to the specialization of an audiovisual consultant they can be a critically important aspect of a successful technology installation. 

The Audiovisual Consulting Process

The audiovisual consultancy process requires the client and consultant to work together to ensure the consultant truly understands the challenges the client is facing in order to come up with the best solution. The goal of the AV consulting process is to create a well-thought-out audiovisual solution that will serve your business well and ensure your employees can work efficiently. 

The first step in the process is to prepare a thorough list of your existing technologies, your challenges, and your goals for your business. If you are a house of worship, for example, you may need to update your live streaming solution in order to stream services to your congregation. A business with a high number of remote workers or clients may need to implement video conferencing systems so people don’t have to rely on their mobile devices. While a restaurant may want to implement digital signage to replace physical menus. 

Once you’ve identified the above, you’ll review all of the possible solutions, options, and audiovisual requirements with the consultant. It is at this point that the project will move to the design stage of the process which involves consideration of the following:

  • The concept for the new audiovisual solutions
  • The functionality of the new technologies
  • The aesthetic design of the technology
  • How they will be used by your business
  • Implementation of the technology
  • Cost of the project

Once the project has been proposed, reviewed, and accepted it will move into the building phase. After your new AV system built and has been customized, the audiovisual consultant will begin the installation process. It is at this point that the audiovisual technicians will begin to implement the new technologies. This process will involve engineers, programmers, and project managers who will work through every aspect of your project from design to the actual installation and implementation. Once everything has been installed and implemented your new system will undergo a series of checking and testing to ensure everything is functioning properly. 

Contact CSAV Systems to Schedule an Appointment with an Audiovisual Consultant 

Our team of AV Sales Consultants, Engineers, and Service Technicians work together to create a custom design A/V System for business markets such as corporate offices, hospitals, and medical facilities, churches and houses of worship, medical simulation labs, hospitality venues, golf, and country clubs, education facilities, retail stores, and shopping malls, fitness centers, funeral homes and more.

We work with businesses in New Jersey, New York City, and other states to provide innovative video conferencing systems. Contact us today. 

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