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Published: Aug 27, 2020

The Best A/V Systems to Support Your Church Reopening

Over the past several months, the way we worship has transitioned, as churches have quickly adapted to live streaming their services. In many religious facilities across the tri-state area, Live Streaming was the easy, affordable, and effective solution to continue to broadcast service, during such uncertain times. Live streaming gave churches a way to reach all members of their congregation, whether they are young or old and near or far. Even though Churches may have been physically closed, messages of Hope, Faith, and Love continued through live streams. Families and friends shared in life’s special events, such as Easter Services, Baptisms, Communions, Weddings, and other Religious Events. 

While live streaming systems offered so many benefits during state shutdowns, how can you provide the best environment for your clergy and congregation, as you reopen your doors?

Digital Signage in Your Church Entryways

With state and local guidelines and capacity limits, how can you communicate these new guidelines to all those who enter your facility? Digital signage displays can play a key role in communicating important health, safety, mask, and social distancing protocols. CSAV Systems can provide custom COVID Ready Entry Displays at your facility’s entries and access points to help reinforce desired behavior, promoting a healthy environment for your clergy and congregation.

You can also display other announcements on digital signage displays, such a schedule, upcoming virtual and in-person events, prayers, and any additional information. Digital signage at your foyers can be an effective and engaging way to communicate messages. Replace your bulletin boards, weekly bulletins, and other church flyers with our digital signage all in one solution. 

preparing for churches to reopen with church audio visual systems

Video Presentations in Your Sanctuary

Tactfully installed technologies such as video presentations can enhance your facility and contribute to the success of worship services. Solutions such as large projections screens can be installed in various areas around your facility, such as above your altar, crying rooms, overfull areas, and church halls. These types of video presentations can replace the sharing of books and hymnals, making it possible for members of your congregation to easily follow along with your service. Often, due to size and angles, multiple large screen projection on multiple monitors may be required. Cameras can also be interfaced with video presentation systems so that specific images can be brought up on large screens.

At CSAV Systems, we can install custom design video systems such as monitors and projection screens that can reach all members within your facility. Our video presentations can interface with computers that have worship software, such as PowerPoints or other A/V media. 

church audio visual for reopening doors

Live Streaming Within Your Church

When people start coming back to your church, they will want to see what’s going on in real-time with your services and events. This is where live streaming comes into play. Live streaming can continue to help maximize the reach of your audience and can help encourage members to want to return to your house of worship. 

Camera systems can be used for live streaming and recording special events such as weddings. Live streaming footage can also be displayed in various overflow rooms within your Church so that your facility is adhering to capacity restrictions. 

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