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Published: Aug 05, 2021

Why Live Streaming Systems are Beneficial to Churches and Houses of Worship

Live streaming has been available to the public for quite some time now, but ever since the pandemic, its popularity has grown immensely. Live streaming lets people view different events or conversations in real-time and sometimes allows the viewer to comment on the video as it is being recorded.

The outbreak of COVID-19 caused a major change in our society and day-to-day life, including how we participated in churches and houses of worship. A lot of people were not able to attend these services due to lockdowns, quarantining, etc. So, people relied on watching videos of the service instead. As time progressed, more and more places of worship began uploading live streams of their services, so that people who were not able to attend in person, could get the next best thing.

Live streaming is a great way for churches and houses of worship to stay connected to their communities, especially in a time when coming together in person may not be an option.

As more churches and houses of worship open, it makes sense that many people are eager to get out and do the things they love again. Although this is the case, it may still be beneficial to keep the live streaming going. 

This could grant the opportunity to many groups of people that may not be able to attend in-person services:

  • Parents to young children/babies
  • Those with busy schedules
  • Out of town/on vacation
  • Those who have moved away but still want to attend
  • Potential members who are considering joining
  • Those who are sick
  • Those who have no way of transportation
  • Those who still do not feel comfortable being in crowded spaces

Live streaming can not only benefit those who attend these services but also benefit those who oversee them. Keeping up with live streams would not only provide members with better access to their services, but it could also be an outlet to reach more people who may want to join a new place of worship. There are many benefits to live streaming and the benefits are only growing. 

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