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Published: Mar 31, 2021

How to Perform an A/V Check for your House of Worship

Three questions to ask to ensure your Audio-visual systems are Optimized.

Over the past year, many churches and houses of worship were forced to adjust their services to meet health and safety guidelines. As many churches in New Jersey had to change the way services were being held (whether it be live streaming, outdoor services, or limited capacity), the technology to support these services became evidently imperative to carry out worship services in a seamless and professional way. And so, as your church continues to adapt, how can you ensure that the messages to your congregation are seen and heard clearly? 

Continue reading for three questions that you should ask to ensure that your church audio/visual systems are optimized.

1. Do Any Components of Your Sound and Video System Give You Stress?

Do you find yourself nervous about whether certain aspects of your sound and video systems will work during your service? Lacking confidence in certain components of your A/V system may be a sign that it is time to call a professional audio-visual consultant. Whether it is your speakers and microphones, live streaming system, or video presentation, it is so important to communicate messages to your congregation clearly. 

2. Do You Have a Plan in Place to Live-stream Your Services?

Nowadays live streaming has become a staple technology within churches. Live streaming systems can allow for members of your congregation to be present during your service, from virtually anywhere.  Taking a close look at how your live streaming system works and taking into consideration of the feedback from your congregation can give you a good idea about how well your live streaming system is serving your congregation. If your live streaming system is becoming a headache and a challenge to manage, it may be time to consider a professional live streaming system.

3. Who Do You Call When Your Sound or Video Systems Fail to Work?

Having a plan in place when your sound and video systems are not working properly, can allow for you to have a quick and effective solution to issues. Knowing who to call can alleviate potential stressors and increase your confidence in your sound and video systems – and that is where CSAV Systems can come into play! 

Serving as the leader in the audio/visual industry, our team at CSAV Systems not only provides service and support to our churches and house of worship clients but also provides custom design and installation, a/v integration, and training on all systems. We pride ourselves in “Serving with Solutions.” 

If your church or house of worship is looking for service or upgrades to your sound and video systems, CSAV Systems is here to provide quality and cutting-edge sound and video systems that can give you confidence and peace in mind in your technology solutions.

How can CSAV Systems serve you? Your next A/V solution is just a phone call away! Give us a call at 732-577-0077 or visit us online to fill out a Free Systems Analysis Form.

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